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We are a data and analytics consultancy focused on finance with a reputation for engineering state-of-the-art open solutions.

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What We Do.

We enable you to invest, trade, bank, insure, and lend with data.

We make messy data, beautiful, from acquisition through action

  • We start with why and execute smoothly
  • We design and implement rock solid solutions
  • We guarantee 100% client happiness









Advisory & Consulting

We help you identify opportunities to leverage data and analytics to make a profound impact through our 3-1-1 actionable roadmapping sessions.


Analytics Engineering

We produce clean data sets that are modeled in such a way that they empower end users to answer their own questions using modern tooling. 


Data Pipelining

If it has something to do with getting, scraping, shaping any kind of data structured or not, we leverage the best and right open technologies to rapidly process this data from minutes to milliseconds.


Cloud Integrations

We’ll wire up your next data project so it operates in AWS, GCP, Azure, or across them all, deployed as infrastructure-as-code, we love DevOps!


We will delight you with our work

No matter what it takes, we promise to deliver the best solutions to our customers


NorthStar Methodology

We think like management consultants. We help define the big picture through: drivers, vision, mission, strategy, outcomes, and phased execution. This approach helps us with always having the end picture in mind. 


1. Foundations & Strategy

We start all engagements by framing the need and thinking about why invest time and effort into it. This helps everyone understand the cause and have that motivation always of why. From there we define value streams, they are like a use case at the project level. Then we design several solution scenarios to decide which best fits you. Last, we create a roadmap and scaffold the sprints ahead.


2. Minimally Viable Solution

We define the smallest possible end-state solution that will prove value and then work to time-box ourselves to create it. This is a fantastic way to touch and feel the finished solution and ascertain functional gaps or roadblocks that will arise. Since we've added this as a formal step in 2014, every customer has been thrilled with the results.


3. Iterative End to End

Next, we transition our sprints themes into extending and changing the core solution in-line with the vision. The customers sees incremental work deliverables demo's to them at the end of every sprint. We are very nimble and can pivot incredible quickly. We welcome customer teamwork at this phase, especially at the half-way mark, to ensure a very successful hand-off. 

When it comes to data + tech, Advanti is the real deal, my biggest win was their help in creating our Data Lab, not to mention they’re incredibly responsive, fun, and go the extra mile!
Pete Petersen
CTO @ Causeway Capital Management
Advanti stood out vs. the “big names”, they quickly understood the needs of the Ph.D. researchers, worked with the “big bank” IT team and executed a major redesign of our Front-Office Data Platform.
Alistair Lowe
CIO @ State Street Global Advisors
This is the second company where we’ve brought in Advanti. Their 3-1-1 actionable roadmapping was insightful, with concrete and actionable recommendations.
Richard Leggett
CEO @ Ducker Frontier

Celebrating 18 years of helping businesses stay ahead with data.

How can businesses close the gap between what clients expect and what their current data infrastructure can answer? Advanti’s unique approach to strategy, technology and delivery — along with our own 18 years of success — empowers our clients to develop and maintain the fitness required to remain relevant, now and into the future.


Learn how Advanti can help you crush your data and analytics goals.

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