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FinFlo Financial Holdings Data Sets

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What's FinFlo? It's the first software-enabled service, where we onboard any kind of data, in any data store, at a fixed price, time frame, and with guaranteed satisfaction. 


This year, we've onboarded over 15 holdings data sets, from many of the leading banks, which you may be using today. 


All of these data sources, are password protected, using an internal web portals, and many of which need to be web scraped, as they don't have API's available. 


These adapter's we've created need to extract portfolio overviews, gain/loss, account details, holdings, transactions, and tax lots, each are able to get all historical data available on the portal. The data is periodically checked and then streamed into multiple data warehouses including Snowflake, BigQuery, and Aurora. 


What makes us different than plaid.com, stitchdata.com, or even yodlee.com, we provide all of our services with open-source technology, we create an end to end solution, including taking care of the data quality comparison testing, and even help you promote this into your production data pipelines.


Do you need one of these onboarded? Are you looking to move your data into a fast data store? Reach out to us for questions.