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Blogging about advanced data engineering in finance.

FinFlo Financial Holdings Data Sets

What's FinFlo? It's the first software-enabled service, where we onboard any kind of data, in any data store, at a fixed price, time frame, and with guaranteed satisfaction. 

What is a security master?

What is it? 

A security master is software that combines bits and pieces of the best data about...

5 Trends in FinTech for 2020

As we enter into the New Year, there are 5 trends, aside from AI, that top-tier FinTech firms,...

Making qai.dbo.TREInfo Usable in QA Direct IBES v2

You may have seen our post about TREInfo. This post is about making it a little more usable.

Anatomy of qai.dbo.TREInfo in QA Direct IBES v2

TREInfo is the primary source of entity, identifier, and descriptor reference data. You may...

A Brief Overview of IBES V2 in QAI

The last 3 months, I've been asked by 5 clients about using IBES v2, so hence decided to write...