- Case Study -

IBES v2 Estimates in Real-time



Client Type

Large equity fundamentals focused firm.

Business Context

A critical investment decision making function of this financial services firm, relies heavily on timely estimates data, they chose to use IBES v2 and required a real-time up to date view for all companies they cover across their investment portfolios.


Advanti helped this firm by creating a live dashboard of analyst estimates from several sources including IBES v2 and Estimize, using sensors to detect immediate changes, events to capture certain kinds of analyst changes, and performed 100% of the processing in streams. 








Pipeline engineering

We provide a wide array of cutting-edge services required to fully build a fast data pipeline.




We offer a "simple" approach to designing so called complex systems with an emphasis on Design and DevOps.

Streaming analysts estimates and revisions

We provided our customer with a continuous flow of detailed level analyst estimates throughout the day. The moment a new data point is changed we sense it and fire an event for consumers to subscribe and take action on. There is ms level delay in this process and it's 100% cloud based. 

Computing rolling metrics

As events are consumed in stream, the process combines new data with historical data in order to compute metrics that take into account both previously processed metrics and fresh new data that has arrived, sometimes this includes analyst reviews that have occurred. 

Consensus-level computations

Advanti helped the customer to create their own consensus-level estimates instead of the off-the-shelf standard consensus estimates. The reason why is so they can more tightly control the methodology for which analysts estimates should be included or not into this aggregation. 


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