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Historical Bloomberg Back Office




Client Type

A Connecticut Hedge Fund.

Business Context

15 years of historical Bloomberg Back Office data, worth $$$$, was collected but never used, because it was "too much data".


Enabled the multi-asset class portfolio analytics team to perform comprehensive bottom-up analysis using a high quality data source with data they've owned all along.


Effective Dates


Terabytes of Data


Unique Schemas


Pipeline engineering

We provide a wide array of cutting-edge services required to fully build a fast data pipeline.




We offer a "simple" approach to designing so called complex systems with an emphasis on Design and DevOps.

100% data into Snowflake

Snowflake data marketplace has hundreds of data sets available for instant access, Advanti helped the customer add all of their historic + live data into their private Snowflake warehouse, and integrate that with other internal data sets.

All asset classes

Dispite the need for primarily bond data, Advanti brought in all of the data, BEst estimates, MSCI Barra/S&P GICS Module, Global Fundamentals Module, Credit Default Swaps Module, Global Equity Module, and every single other data set that was subscribed to by the customer in the past 15 years.

Huge cost savings in data

When requesting a historical dump from some data vendors you need to pay for it even if you've subscribed to that data set as a one-time fee, the client had been unable to process this data, and it was spread out in 4 different places, we were able to patch the data together neatly and provide comprehensive coverage proving that 100% of the data was process, perfectly.

Enterprise-wide use of the data

Now the firm is able to make full use of the data fron the front to back office for research, trading, analytics, and various other purposes, this database is now updated live so whenever the data arrives it is brought into the Snowflake environment and can be used as it arrives, brilliant.


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