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Custom Indexing, an Evolution of Index Investing




Client Type

Mid-sized Canadian investment manager.

Business Context

A newly established custom indexing division of a large financial organization required an analytical data platform to build and maintain custom indexes for its growing customer base.


Advanti led the build-out of a large, diverse, and sophisticated indexing data platform, allowing the client to achieve critical mass quicker, scaling from 25 to 200 indexes with predictable costs.


Custom Indexes


Data Providers


Implementation Months


Pipeline engineering

We provide a wide array of cutting-edge services required to fully build a fast data pipeline.




We offer a "simple" approach to designing so called complex systems with an emphasis on Design and DevOps.

Index investing has changed

General indexes have a single methodology, one rule for what they own and how they rebalance. General indexes are a one size fits all. Like general indexes, custom indexes also invest and rebalance according to a defined methodology, but the methodology is personalized by an investors preferences and constraints, they are very flexible and so must the data that is brought together in order to create a custom index.

Serverless matches flexibility

Advanti developed a serverless data infrastructure that bring together all of the necessary data for comprehensive custom indexing to occur, we used Lambda, DynamoDB, Glue, ECR, EKS, Terraform, and SageMaker to create a mission-critical back-end database used by a modern lightweight UI and Python for real-time analytics.

A single and reliable solution

After deploying the platform, built to perform consistently across multiple environment environments, Advanti's client was able to provide users of the database with a cloud-native platform for building custom indexes, including storing and tracking "idea universes", all based on a single source of data.


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