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Why we exist

Make messy data beautiful and usable


It's not about us

It's about YOU.

We are happy to go into detail about our values, our people, our passion for the latest technological breakthroughs in data science and engineering, heck we'll talk your ear off about homemade Sopresatta and Wine!

But, ultimately, that’s not what you’re looking for in a consulting company, right?

The real reason you’re here is because:

  • You are addressing a new market need that places greater demands on having good and clean data that cannot be adequately met today. 
  • You have an existing successful product or service that is backed by data but the  implementation may be costly, inflexible, or aging.
  • You have identified an opportunity to consolidate processes resulting in time and cost savings, and you need help to strategize, unify, and pull off a wildly successful migration. 
  • You want to evolve your business to invest, trade, lend, or bank better, so you can leapfrog your competition, by re-imagining the future using the latest emerging technologies for 10x greater results.
  • You believe your data tech stack is too expensive and inflexible relative to the ROI it's producing for you, you want a clear path  to forward so you can meet the "real" core business needs.

So how can we help you?

I am proud of every single person that works at Advanti. We attract the best people because the problems we solve are not easy. We embrace the latest innovations and have a culture that strives for frequent and often failures that lead to success.
Doug Eisenstein

Core Values

Passion is what drives our creativity for developing next-generation solutions to some of the most complex data-intensive problems.


We will chase perfection all the way, knowing full well that we will never achieve it, but we will still catch excellence along the way.


We strive to create an energetic working environment where anyone can challenge the
status quo.


Always put yourself in the shoes of the client, think, advise, act, and do what will help them.


As we learn, we pivot, and keep doing it, until we get the results we expect, turning on a dime is one way we prove our value to clients and produce desired work.  


We believe that frequent and brief communication, with on the spot feedback, is an solid technique ensuring everyone is rowing in the same direction. 


Listen intently to customize a creative solution that clients are so delighted with that they do our advertising.

We love data

We help organizations extract value from their data through strategic assessments, elegant design, and advanced data engineering and implementation.


Who We Are

Advanti solves data engineering challenges faced by financial firms, hedge funds, investment banks, data providers, fintech companies, insurance providers, and government agencies both inside and outside the USA.

We were founded 18 years ago, with 98% word of mouth business, over 157+ consulting engagements, and 41 customers served. We are absolutely committed to our clients success and you will feel this from the very first time you speak with us. 

We’ve processed 125 distinct data sources, implementation experience with 45 different databases, phenomenal command of over 145 different open source packages, delivered profound speed results down to 2ms latency, made 1000's of irregular data structures usable for client, and above all delivered on our promise to our customers.

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